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Emu Park Anzac Commemoration 2015,

This year is a huge event for Anzac memorials everywhere, however right here in our little town of Emu Park it will be especially memorable.

Our very own Ross Coulter had a vision. A vision so bold that it has taken thousands of man hours of planning and work to bring it to a grand finale. Actually finale is not really the right word as it will now live on forever. A memorial to Anzac so massive in concept that at first nobody was convinced our small town could achieve what has now been completed. We did have a little help from our friends. smile emoticon

Sadly Ross will not be able to enjoy it with us, but I am sure that he will be watching over in spirit. His original concept has been exceeded and made into the massive memorial you will see when you visit. The memorial starts opposite the RSL and will take most people quite a while to look and reflect before they start the walk along the coast on the boardwalk that leads to a view that has to be seen to be believed. The first stop is the massive glass artwork that is right on the edge of the shoreline.

If you line up the horizon on the artwork to the actual horizon it will look as if you have a time window that give a moment glimpse of the landing. There are many potential views from different angles that the photographer can explore as the light of the day changes. There is an information plaque that explains the work.

glenn-adamus-2015x700Photo courtesy of local Emu Park Photographer Glenn Adamus
(Photo taken of the actual first sunrise after the installation of Artwork)

As you continue along, take a look back and you will realize just how massive the scale of the project has been. As you approach the area east of the RSL, you will find much information about the various conflicts. You might find it takes a little longer here than you expected.

Now you will enter the boardwalk. This impressive walk will lead you to a viewing deck built with funding from Emu Park Lions Club and Lions International. As you stand here and take in the spectacular coast, take a moment to reflect on what it must have been like for our troops to ascend a foreign coast that was rather more difficult to traverse.

boardwalk01Robyn and Tim Bracken enjoying the boardwalk – photo by Rob Tait

After a visit that may have taken a little longer than you expected, you can enjoy the walk back and make a mental note that this experience was all inspired by the dreams of one extraordinary man who so captured the imagination of a whole community that we had many supporters say that it was going to be built, no matter what it takes.

boardwalk02photo by Rob Tait

Thanks to many groups and private contributors and sponsors, including but not only:-

Ross Coulter
Emu Park RSL sub branch
Emu Park Lions Club
Lions Club International
Emu Park Bendigo BanK
Livingstone Council
Livingstone Mayor and Councillers
Queenland Government
Phill Luzzi
Bill Gannon
Noel Brady
Alan (Jack) Parr.
Emu Park Online

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