Update – Funding and Costing 18-03-2014

(see Final Stage 1 Plans and Total Concept Plan at bottom of this page)


Due mainly to the efforts of Councillor Tom Wyatt in late 2012, the Rockhampton Regional Council resolved at Council meeting on 13 November 2012 to provide in principle support for the project through the development of concept designs and cost estimates to facilitate the raising of funds for the project.

On the 17th April 2013, these plans and costing for the project were provided by the Rockhampton Regional Council. The cost of the project was estimated to be $1.419 million.

Since the Steering Committee was set up on Friday 31 May 2013, the committee’s strategy has been to secure the funding from the following sources:
1.    Federal Government.
2.    State Government.
3.    Local Government.
4.    Local Business and Corporate Sector.
5.    Private Donations.

As can be seen from Steering Committee Minutes posted on the website, representatives from government and the business and corporate sectors have been approached.

In February 2013 the Bendigo Bank at Emu Park pledged in principle support for the project. The Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry, and the State Member for Keppel, Bruce Young, have been approached concerning funding but the outcomes are unknown at this point in time. An update in this regard can be ascertained by perusing the Steering Committee Minutes posted on the website.

Once the new Livingstone Council was constituted on 1 January 2014, an approach was made to the Council seeking their support for the project. At Steering Committee meeting held on Thursday 13 February 2014, the Livingstone Council advised that:
1.    The Council strongly supported the proposed project.
2.    It is the objective of the Council to complete the design and specifications for the total project by 30 June 2014 and Council officers will commence this work immediately.
3.    There will be a project completed for the Centenary of ANZAC commemorations in April 2015 but the scope of works will depend somewhat on the amount of funding that can be accessed through the State and Federal governments.
4.    The Council envisage a minimum 1st stage works project of $500,000 to be undertaken in time for the Centenary of ANZAC commemorations and gave a commitment to complete the remainder of the project when funding becomes available. However, if adequate funding was made available, the total project would be completed in time for the Centenary of ANZAC commemorations.

As can be seen from the Steering Committee minutes of 13 March 2014, the project has progressed considerably at this point:
1.    The Livingstone Shire Council will be responsible for the planning, specification, engineering, management and construction of the project.
2.    The Council has now finalised the concept plan for the total project(see plan on website) and a commitment has been made by the Council to have a 1st Stage of the project completed in time for the Centenary of ANZAC commemorations in April 2015. The final concept plan includes all the major aspects of the original Ross Coulter concept plan.
3.    The 1st Stage of the project encompasses Area 1(see Stage 1 concept plan on website) and entails works within the vicinity of the Emu Park RSL. The extent of the works undertaken for Stage 1 will depend on the amount of funding that can be raised.
4.    Council has completed cost estimates as follows:
•    Total Project(6 Areas) $2.6million
•    Stage 1(Area 1) $1.8million
5.    The Council has set a timeframe for Stage 1 as follows:
•    Layout Final April 2014
•    Design Start May 2014
•    Construction Start July 2014
•    Project Finish March 2015
6.    After lobbying by the State Member and the Mayor of the Livingstone Shire Council, the State Local Government Minister has agreed to provide a grant of at least $250,000 and Council has now submitted a grant application for the funds.
7.    Council has also submitted a grant application to the State Government for $80,000 from the State Government’s Centenary of ANZAC Funding.
8.    The Council will match the funding the State Government puts towards the project.
9.    The Stage 1 project presently has State Government and Corporate funding of around $750,000.

Now that the plan concept is finalised and project costing is available, Council is liaising with the local Federal Member for Capricornia regarding federal grant funding for the project.

Barry Vains
Steering Committee
18 March 2014


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