le Hamel , overlooking the southern bank of the Somme.

le Hamel , overlooking the southern bank of the Somme.

This town was made famous by Major General Sir John Monash. He was the first Australian to command the AIF on the Western Front.

On July 4th 1918 he executed, after meticulous planning, a brilliantly devised attack to straighten the “front” at a key defensive German position of Le Hamel. His plan used full and innovative support from Artillery, Armour and the Air Corps for the Infantry. It resulted in very few casualties for the Australians and achieved its goals in 93 minutes……Monash had allowed for 90 minutes.

About 1000 American troops accompanied the Australians for their first real taste of battle.

On the hill just east of the town where the attack ended is now the Australian Corps Memorial Park. The town of le Hamel was razed in the battle.


The Australian Corps Memorial on the hill called “Wolfsberg” just above le Hamel where remnants of the German defensive trenches may still be seen.



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