Concert Hall, Talbot House, Poperinge

Concert Hall, Talbot House, Poperinge


This was originally a hops store and a part of the leased complex which ‘Tubby” Clayton turned into a concert hall. The older ones of us know how play-acting, skits and singing played a large part in our lives as entertainment and relaxation before the creation of the dreaded television.

The concerts ‘transported’ the weary men to places where their loved ones were and gave release from the trauma of fallen friends and the prospect of the return to the front trenches. Soldiers could dress up and become someone else for a time. Concerts were held for the town children as well classes and lectures for the soldiers.

“….whilst last but not least Tubby has sung and has had everybody singing  a beat behind him.”             RH Brewster, TOC H Journal, 1930

The hopstore is now a listed monument. It has been renovated and is being used for accommodation, seminars, concerts and exhibitions – Its function is to play a prominent part in the life of Talbot House as an international centre of peace and reconciliation.



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