Eulogy – Lorna Rossiter – Emu Park Lions


Ross Coulter joned the Emu Park Lions Club in June 1988.  During that time he held many positions….President, treasurer, Tail twister, Bushcare Rep, Membership Chairman and chairman of Oktoberfest for many years.  In July 1994 he was presented with the James D Richardson award, and in 2008 he was honoured with the Melvin Jones Award.  Both of these awards are service orientated, and named after grat lions of the past.  He had great community spirit and worked tirelessly for his beloved Emu Park.  Many of the projects around Emu Park will have a Ross Coulter stamp on them somewhere.

He was usually our voice at council.  He designed our beachcomber in lions badge.  He designed the columbarium at the cemetery, and organised for our Lions club to supply the bricks to have it built.  It seems quite fitting that this will be his final resting place.  We will miss his sign writing, his oice of reason, his jokes, and as president now, I will miss my mentor.

A bit about the Ross i know….

All of the neighbours knew when Broncos were playing…during the latter years we always thought that might be when his heart would stop.  He loved to teach, and impart knowledge.  When he played golf with the unquenchables, his partners would receive a golf lesson whether they liked it or not.  He loved his classical music, and really had a good singing voice.

We called him the AAE, the absolute authority on everything.  He had an opinion on most things, but we woon learnt not to talk about politics or religions, unless we wanted a good argument.  He was a private man, a talented artist, extremely proud of his wife, daugter, son-in-law and grandchildren.

Looking around, I think that a great tribute to the life of Ross Coulter is the fact that all of you who have known him in some way, have come to honour him at his death.


Lorna Rossiter


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