Snippets – My Vision

My Vision……………………..

The paintings, drawings and photographs in this exhibition are the result of almost six weeks living and working in France and Belgium in the areas where Australians served and shed their blood during the Great War of 1914-18.

This sojourn was designed as an educational and motivational stage for me on the way to presenting an exhibition, Written in Stone, which will tell a ‘story’ of 8 Queenslanders who volunteered to put their lives ‘on the line’ to ensure the freedom of people in another country.

The results of my trip have unintentionally created their own ‘life’ as an exhibition which I have called Snippets from the Western Front and it will, I hope, transport you to another place and time for a little while.

I met some lovely people during my stay on the Western Front. In particular Yves Fohlen, a French Historian, whose aim in life is to help Australians discover the Battlefields of Europe………..
And the Staff at Talbot House whose amazing enthusiasm in their work for
Toc H must surely mean it will go on forever……………

Thanks to the Queensland Government and the Livingstone Shire Regional Arts Development Fund, for their help with some finance towards my endeavours.

Also special thanks to Kate, my wife, for keeping the home-fires burning and for her suggestions and support.

Much of the detail contained in these texts was obtained from John Laffin’s Book – “Guide to Australian Battlefields of the Western Front” which is a must for anyone travelling through the Battlefields.




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